The 3 R’s: Running, Reading, Roommates.

As some of you know I’ve taken up running. I’ve participated in a few 5ks and the last one I ran I got 1st place in my age division. The last race was by far the hardest course I’ve ever ran. Towards the end there was a girl beside me, about my age, and we turned the corner together. She looked at me as we looked up the hill and said, “Don’t let me stop” and I said the same thing back to her. We got to the end of the race and I could see the finish line right ahead. My competitive side kicked in and I took off sprinting. Turns out the girl who I was running with was my age, and I beat her. Haha.

Crossing the finish line...

Crossing the finish line...

I love to read.  I have a pool at my complex, so I get off work head to the pool with a book and that’s how I unwind. I just finished Eat, Pray, Love. It is such an amazing book. I know there’s a lot of controversy around it right now by some religious groups, but it has a really good message. It’s about this woman who has everything she thinks she should that would make someone happy. She’s married, has a great job, a beautiful home, lots of money…yet she spends every night crying on her bathroom floor. She decides she’s had enough, files for divorce and decides to travel to 3 different countries to see what makes other people happy. The book is about her journey and what she discovers along the way. She talks about God and prayer from many different angles. I really liked it and I hope someone else reads it so we can discuss it. Again…Eat, Pray, Love. Also check out anything by Emily Giffin. She’s my favorite author and her stories are so true to life.

Best Book

Best Book

I’m living over in Sequoyah Hills with my roommate Susan and a boxer named Piper. I talked about Ryder but now it’s time to talk about the other dog in my life. She is the sweetest puppy in the whole world and wants to cuddle all the time. She’s a 45lb lap dog. I like to call her Piperoni, Hyper Piper, or Princess Piper. She is all of these things. She has her own sofa that she sits on like a thrown when she not laying on my face. We go for walks, play in the river and chase birds. She’s Susan’s but I’m such a great Aunt. I spoil her with ice cubes. Piper doesn’t like when I’m trying to do crunches or when Susan’s trying to do some Yoga. She’ll lay on my stomach (which doesn’t work) or climb under Susan while she’s doing “cow”. How could you not love this face?

Princess Piper

Princess Piper


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