Great Weekend

This past weekend was a lot of fun and a lot of relaxation. Friday Crystal, Renee and I went to Rooster’s. We had so much fun. I met a guy there who works in magazine production and would be willing to hire me as a freelance makeup artist. It would be a way for me to work in makeup (which I want to do) but on the terms I want. I could do it as much or as little as I’d like. It would be for a  local magazine here in Knoxville. Once I build up a resume, I could do makeup for TV and other things. I’m very excited about so we’ll see where it takes me. I’ve been doing my friends makeup forever now and I love doing it. I considered working part-time at M.A.C. but with freelance it’s my own hours.

Love this Look

Saturday we went up to Lexington, KY to visit Rachel and Rocky for a cookout. I ate enough to feed a small country. We caught up on our lives and I got to see some people I haven’t seen since the wedding. Once the sun set we had a closest to the hole contest. They live on the 13th hole. I’m sad to admit that I did not win the competition but when you’re playing against a woman who put on a glove to hit one ball I knew I didn’t stand a chance. Everything was wonderful and it would have been nice to stay but we needed to get home. It was a LONG ride home but luckily I wasn’t driving. It was SO nice to see everyone. I got to hang out with Gracie (the flower girl) and she truly is a mini-Kaitlin. She’s the reason I will have a little girl named Gracie. Her brother Britt is such a little man. If I could have kids like these…I would consider having a bunch. Here’s why we get along…

Miss Gracie

Miss Gracie




One thought on “Great Weekend

  1. OMW Kaitlin, little Gracie could be ME when I was younger, with the blue eyes etc.! Those pictures are adorable! Oh let’s get one or two of her!!! I didn’t know about your makeup proposition, that sounds VERY exciting! I will be able to say “I knew you when”!

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