On the hunt…

Well it’s the time again where I feel I need to update something about myself. Instead of doing something drastic, this year I’m toning it down a bit. I’m on the hunt for a new perfume. I’m so allergic to things that I need to wear them for a day before deciding if I like them/can wear them. I’ve been wearing Ralph Lauren Blue for 6 years now and Ralph finally decided to take it off the market. Instead of hunting around for it for the next 10 years I’m going to switch to something new. I’m having a hard time finding one that I like. The fragrances out there are designed for 16 year old or 60 year olds. This is all very annoying. So I’ll be “trying on” a new scent each day. I’ll pay attention to my mood, my itch level, compliments from others, o and Joc’s opinion (after I narrow it down). I went to the store and explained my situation and the lady sent me out with a whole bag of samples…let the hunt begin!

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche…I’m in love with this scent. It’s more mature but not as heavy as Chance. I feel like I rule the world in this but it would still be okay to wear in shorts and a tshirt. This one will have to be “guy tested” this weekend.

Chance Eau Fraiche - Thumbs Up

Chance Eau Fraiche - Thumbs Up

Vera Wang Look…Man this smells good on paper. It’s her brand new scent and hasn’t gotten a lot of hype. With lychee and a few of my other favorite smells I had high hopes. Well it’s making my nose run and my eyes itch. When I first sprayed it onto my skin I had a flash back of the Candies perfume I wore in 2001. It brought a ton of memories back including ones I wanted to forget. I was wearing it the night I got caught drinking (and getting sick) so my first big whiff made me a little nauseous all over again. Once it warmed up on my skin I do like it, but the itchy eyes aren’t worth it…NEXT!

Look - Thumbs Down

Look - Thumbs Down

Going to keep trying some others…any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “On the hunt…

  1. After wearing Clinique Happy to Be for waaay too many years (think high school) Erin Shubert introduced me to Burberry London…and I’m now in love! Let me know if you find some you really like, I’m sure I’ll wear this one out and need a new one before long! Love you!

  2. Well…I LOVE shi by Alfred Sung, but it can be hard to find. Also really like Kate Moss…don’t like her but her fragrance smells really good. Not sure if she has more than one but the one I like has pink kinda foil package. Good luck!

  3. You know Ive been wearing Vera Wang for at least 3 years… but I can’t find anything I like any better. If on your hunt you find one you think I might like let me know!!!

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