The Hunt is over…

After trying out about 3 more perfumes including Gucci by Gucci (a little mature), Burberry the Beat (too vanilla) and Calvin Klein Euphoria (smells great but doesn’t last long)…I FOUND A WINNER!!

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche will be my new scent! I absolutely love it and so does Joc. I didn’t even tell him what it was and he kept saying how great I smelled. I bought it yesterday and got some compliments in the gym too, or at least I think it was my perfume and not my butt on the glass window in spin class! Giggle…no it was the perfume!

Speaking of spin, it’s my new favorite obsession. If I push really hard I can burn like 600 calories in 30 minutes. Doesn’t get much better than that and I’m saving my knees at the same time. I’ve been running again but trying to alternate with spin. The first spin instructor I had sounded like an aerobics instructor, and I’m not motivated by “you can do it”. The second one I had was all about how much time is left as in “only 20 seconds to the top of the hill” and I really like that. His name is Mike and Mike has become my new best friend. O and the fact that we spin to techno-type music also makes him my favorite. I want to yell at the chick that sits beside me. She doesn’t turn her knob and I feel like yelling “You’re only cheating yourself, Mike doesn’t care what you do!!” Think that will get me jumped in the parking lot? BURN BABY BURN!

I spin faster than you!

I spin faster than you!


One thought on “The Hunt is over…

  1. Darling, spin class is all about working at your pace, please stop being so competitive and let the little girl beside you work out with no resistance! As you say, she is only cheating herself AND if she is like me, the fact that she is in the class at all, is a miracle!

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