A weekend spent in Birmingham…

Last weekend was spent with a visit to Birmingham. Joc and I went to visit the newly engaged couple (Steph and David). Friday night we went to eat at Dave’s. They have the best pizza on the planet. I had a yummy calzone with black and green olives, green peppers and zucchini. It was SO good I almost finished the whole thing which was the size of my face. The rest of the evening was spent catching up and goofing off.

Saturday we went and worked out at the UAB rec center which has a lot more equipment than I expected it to. After sweating off some of that pizza we all got ready and went out for sushi. It was so good and our whole table was covered in it! It was a sight for sure. After rolling ourselves out of the restaurant we went to see Wolverine. It was SUCH a good movie. Now I feel like I have to watch the rest of them, but no…I still don’t want to watch Star Trek or any of those other boy movies coming out this summer. Comic book movies, yes…SciFi, NO! David had a wedding to attend to that evening so after he was through we went to La Paz…only my favorite mexican restaurant. I LOVE mexican. I think I could eat cheese dip every day of my life. Well I know I could, but then I would weigh 500 lbs, and that’s not a good look. After dinner and plenty of margaritas, we went back to Steph’s to play Scrabble and SkipBo. Yes I know, we live life in the fast lane. Be jealous of our rockstar life status. Everyone complained about SkipBo which just happens to be my favorite card game. Guess I’ll save that one to play with my mom. I then went to bed watching Dirty Dancing…what a GREAT day. It was all of my favorite things in life with some of my favorite people…ah, bliss.

Sunday we went to the Pancake House and ate our body weight in carbs. YUMMY!! I forgot how much I love french toast without butter or syrup and just some powdered sugar. Joc’s egg white omelet was about 12 inches in diameter and about 4 inches thick. Steph and David were NOT lying about that thing. We went with buckwheat pancakes, which look like chocolate pancakes but do NOT taste like chocolate one bit. I liked them but I think the happy couple will pass on them next time. We waddled back to Steph’s and watched Cocktails…such a classic.

It was SOOO nice to see Steph and David before they both move. I know their moving will only make their relationship stronger and that when it’s all over it’s WEDDING TIME!!! I’m so glad those two found each other and I love them both very much. I’m so glad Joc got to meet them (and get to know them) and understand why Steph is my best friend!


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