68th Running of the Iroquois Steeplechase

Well Steeplechase 2009 came and went! It was another fun filled weekend spend with so many friends!

Friday I headed to Nashville and Joc and I ate sushi then proceeded to his parents for the evening. We watched X-Men 1 (excuse my lack of naming) and got plenty of rest for the upcoming day. Around 4:30a we were awoken with the loudest storm I have ever heard in my entire life. I truly was scared and thought there is NO way I’m going to go stand out in the lightening and thunder for 6 hours! After finally going back to bed I woke up around 8a and Joc and I debated even going to Steeplechase. It was still raining at the point and I mentioned there would be two types of people at this event: those that wanted to remain dry and their drunk muddy friends. We sat down for breakfast (yummy cinnamon buns) then decided not to go. Literally as soon as we went upstairs to decide what else to do with our day the skies parted. We looked at each other and said “LET’S GO!” We both got ready in record time, neither of us wearing what we had planned. I was planning to wear an orange silk dress and Joc was planning on wearing white linen pants. Well thanks to the massive amount of mud we knew we were entering into I wore a beach cover-up/dress and Joc rocked some shorts! Off we went…

We got to Steeplechase and attempted to get out of the car. There was 3 inches of rain right outside of the car! We both said…forget the shoes, let’s go. So barefoot and carrying donuts we walked about a mile to our tailgate. I tried not to think of everything I was stepping as as this is a horsetrack. This is what we looked like by the time we got there…

Muddy Feet and Smiles!

Muddy Feet and Smiles!

We traveled around visiting as many tailgates as we could but the mud made it hard to go anywhere fast. We stopped by Scott and Anne’s (who are having a GIRL!) and Lauren Boone’s! Both had such lovely spreads. At one of the spots I decided it was picture time, but Joc decided to throw a bagel bite in his mouth. So glad Laura captured this moment…HA!



For those that didn’t attend I feel the need to include another picture of the mud.



We left in plenty of time to go shower and get ready for Miss Ashley Gilley’s (now Mrs. Wilson) wedding. Well, when we got to the parking lot we thought we’d be safe with our 4WD. Not so much…we got stuck along with every other car in the parking lot. They had to bring in a tractor to pull out every car one by one. A 30 minute plan turned into a 3 hour ordeal. We were unable to the wedding but I did see some pictures and they looked absolutely amazing! I was very upset but so glad the weather held out for their outdoor reception. Those two are truly so blessed. Congratulations to the bride and groom who are currently honeymooning in Jamaica!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Wilson

Sunday was spent with Joc’s parents and watching the other 2 X-Men movies. I’m now hooked!!! I took off work on Monday and we spent the day working out and eating sushi (I’m a little obsessed). Joc had some work to do but I just enjoyed a day of relaxing on the couch! O…and catching up on DVR 🙂


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