Four Leaf Clover Finder!

While hanging out at the lake house all weekend I found 3 four-leaf clovers…

Found You!

Found You!

I knew I was blessed but I guess I’m lucky too! Friday was spent traveling to visit Joc and his parents at the lake house. I was greeted with chilled wine and a beautiful sunset! What a way to start the weekend. Saturday was spent laying in the sun, four-leaf clover hunting (by accident), tons of food and great company, and a few boat rides thrown in between. Sunday was a rainy day, but I couldn’t complain as laughter was shared telling stories of Joc as a little one and how I’m so glad he still possesses most of those traits. We made homemade ice cream and topped it with the most wonderful brownies and fresh Georgia peaches. I almost forgot to tell the snake story…HA that’s a good one. We woke up to the sound of gunshots Saturday morning. When we finally decided to go investigate there we found Joc’s dad (Joc Sr) out there with gun in hand “snake hunting”. He shot 3 water moccasins that morning (we believe there is a nest) but Joc and I wanted proof. We headed down to the water and were looking and looking but didn’t see any dead snakes on the bottom. All of a sudden I look to my right and there is one with its head up looking for a fight. He was about 6 feet away but of course I just pointed and said “there….he….is” and started backing up. That was the end of that snake! I’m proud of myself for not screaming but wouldn’t complain if I never had to meet one of those bad boys again!

Memorial day was spent laying out in the sun on the boat and venturing into many many coves! The curiosity in me loved it and I got to see many turtles and birds along the way. It was sad to leave and head back to Knoxville, but I will say the unofficial first weekend of summer truly has me excited for the many to come!!!

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