Tubing and Tans!

The weekend of June 12th was spent soaking up sun at Watts Bar. We went tubing and skiing (not me) and spent lots of time just soaking up the sun. Don’t worry, I was well protected with my SPF 30! Some of Joc’s friends joined us at the lake which made for lots of fun. We played card games and Catch Phrase. I ate enough to feed a small country but that’s what happens when everything tastes so good!

Love this Sunset!

Love this Sunset!

We’ve decided to all get together again for July 4th! I’m very excited about it. It’s going to be like camp with guys in one room and girls in another. I’m hoping the wives in the group won’t allow any pranks to be pulled!

Soaking up Sun!

Soaking up Sun!

I’m happy to report no snakes were found. I think they all ran away 🙂 I had so much fun…I’m pretty sure I’ve already said that about 20 times. Joc’s mom is famous for her music playlists. We like to listen to them on the boat rides on the way to dinner, back from dinner and while we’re enjoying the fire outside. There’s one for every occasion!

Dinner at Sunset!

Dinner at Sunset!

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