Sundown in the City!

Knoxville is famous for it’s summer Thursday nights. Every Thursday a different band comes to town and plays for free downtown in Market Square. It’s an open area full of people and it’s always packed. The bands vary as wide as the crowd but rain or shine there is music a plenty. I can honestly say I haven’t gone in 2 years even though I live right here. It became a big high school hang out and the massive amounts of people and drinking became a bit overwhelming. I knew the Wailer’s (Bob Marley’s band) were coming into town, and Joc could come into town a day early…so we decided to go. What really made the event worth it was the opportunity to listen from the rooftop of Cafe 4. Joc’s friend Rick is the owner of the building and while he was out of town he graciously allowed us access to the roof. The weather was perfect and the sundown was one to remember. Combine that with having the roof to ourselves and a great band and it truly was such a perfect evening. We stayed up there after the music stopped and just enjoyed time spent together! We had a cooler packed with drinks and dinner and had our own little rooftop picnic! File this memory under: Favorites!

Enjoying the Music!

Enjoying the Music!

What We Didn't Have to Deal With!

What We Didn't Have to Deal With!

Friday after work we went out to enjoy time on a huge boulder on the Tennessee River then went to run on the track. Yeah, it was 94 but the workout was completely worth it. We showered up then headed out for dinner. Too exhausted for our planned movie we called it an early night. Saturday was spent visiting Joc’s Granddad then going over to Joe and Becca’s for some amazing dinner. We had grilled steaks, chicken, eggplant (for me) and tons of other yummy treats. After finishing off dinner with delicious ice cream cake we headed to the movies to see the Proposal. Man, that was one funny movie. I must admit I cried twice…but looking back those tears weren’t needed. Blame it on the hormones.

One thought on “Sundown in the City!

  1. I can hardly stand to read this! My heart is just bursting. You are so happy Kaitlin and I am thrilled for you. Doesn’t hurt that you have a very handsome man on your arm either (wink).

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