Get out the floaties!

What a great weekend! Friday I hit the road to head to Nashville for a birthday dinner with Susie. We went to Peter’s Sushi which is the famous hang out for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. I dined on Seaweed Salad and Veggie Sushi. Every restaurant has a different version of Veggie sushi and it’s my goal to try every one! This one contained Kampyo, Cucumber, Gobo, Seaweed and some other junk. Yum, yum. So far, only veggie I’ve met and haven’t liked is raw onions.

Veggie Sushi

Veggie Sushi

After dinner Joc and I watched Fired Up! It was a hilarious movie and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Bring It On. It’s your typical high school cheerleader movie but it’s full of mindless humor which was much needed after a stressful work week. Saturday morning was spent eating delicious egg white sandwiches then hitting the track in 95 degree heat. Run run run, then we went to Quiznos for lunch followed by a quick stop at Smoothie King. We went to Westhaven to visit the Thompson’s at their beautiful home. We spent the day swimming with Lily (2) and Piper (4 mos) then headed for a quick dinner. After that adventurous day we went to visit the soon to be Mr and Mrs. Cleeton and spent the evening catching up!

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner

Sunday we woke up and hit the upstairs gym before hanging out at the pool on Joc’s roof. Ah, sunshine! After baking in the sun, we went to have an early dinner with Miss Rachel Todd. Man, I missed that girl! That was her first time meeting Joc and we all had a blast. I wish Frankie could have made it, but that just gives us a reason to do it again! It was an eventful weekend, and I’m looking forward to getting this 4 day work week out of the way to enjoy July 4th weekend at the lake!!!

Today’s Smoothie: Spinach, Blackberries, Blueberries, Ground Flax Seed.


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