Grrr Wal*mart!

I should have known better…let me start by saying that. I’ve never taken my car anywhere except the dealership for an oil change. Well I was in a hurry and figured I could multitask shopping with oil change. Well I got there and they upsold me a fuel line cleaning (or something like that)…

So I run to the gym (literally) and when I come back to get my car, I pay and attempt to leave. Well, this is what my car looked like before I could even leave the parking lot. O and let me mention the fact that my gas pedal wouldn’t work.



So I throw the car in park, right in the middle of traffic and walk back into the store. Meanwhile some lady yells at me saying you can’t park there…well see was given a gesture and it definitely wasn’t a thumbs up! I walked back in and was like…explain how an oil change would cause my car not to work…WHAT DID YOU DO?
The mechanic follows me out. So, the guy is in my car revving the engine in neutral with smoke pouring out…I said stop whatever you’re doing and fix it. After bawling on the phone to Joc, he got me to calm down. Guy comes back in saying…o there was air in your fuel line and it needs to burn off, it’s fine. I said, don’t you think you should have done that before sending me out onto the road with a car that doesn’t work? He said…it happens but it’s fine now. Riiiiight.

I said, I want documentation that you sent me out with a car that you broke and how you broke it and what you did to fix it (thanks to Joc and his dad). So this girl…not even a part of this is like we can’t give you documentation, that’s what we have cameras for. I responded, you might as well call your manager over, because you’re not going to be of any help to me. Manager comes over and I made them hand write all of this and anyone that worked on my car sign this paper…then demanded my money back and made sure to tell them I would be telling everyone NOT to come here.

Turns out this can happen when putting cleaner in there, but the point is they turned me out onto the road with a stalling car. What if I would have gotten on the interstate?!? Well everything is fine now and the car is back to normal. Note to self: Stick with the dealer! SIGH


One thought on “Grrr Wal*mart!

  1. Life lessons darling, just a bump in the road. AND you really need to stop being like your mother and crying when you are frustrated and angry! Sorry for that trait!

    Thanks again to Joc and Daddy Joc for their support!

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