The Car Story…and more

Well my fun filled weekend started off very bumpy. Wednesday I noticed my car sounding a little funny so I planned to drop it off Friday night once Joc was in town and I no longer needed a car. Well as Joc is following me to the shop…Sache (the car) dies, right in the middle of Cedar Bluff. She won’t go forward or backward but will turn on. DANG IT!!! I knew it was my transmission and started bawling because that’s what I do. So luckily Joc was behind me and put on his flashers. Might I add this was rush hour… So we called AAA and while we were waiting on the tow truck a sheriff stopped by to make sure we were okay. So the tow truck arrives and we take it to the dealership to get fixed or whatever. Then I made dinner for my friend Sarah and Joc’s friend Ben. What’s the best way to forget about my car problems? Cook and open a bottle of wine!

Saturday I woke up and looked outside to realize that my car was truly gone and started crying again. No time for crying…it was splash country day! So after a call from the dealership confirming my suspicions I put on a one piece and headed to splash country. Going to the water park with 3 men was highly entertaining. They all kept calling me MOM and we started a fun little game. We got points for mullets, jorts, face tats, rat tails and more. My favorite tat of the day was a deer head on a girl’s shoulder that said “His Other Rack”…CLASSY! O and the Eve style tattoo but it said Yeh, Boy…one word on each boob. It was very entertaining. I am proud to say I rode ALL the rides and only cried once. The ride I cried on is the first picture but I came out crying and laughing. The second picture is the first ride I got on. I can honestly say I had a blast and would go again…shocking I know.

Green Closed Tubes Made Me Cry

Green Closed Tubes Made Me Cry

HOLY COW!!! Hello Instant Thong

HOLY COW!!! Hello Instant Thong


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