Billy and Lauren’s Wedding

This past weekend was a busy one. I hit the road to Nashville to have dinner with Dan and Andrea, Travis and Aftin, and Brandon and Caroline. I had a delicious Green Plate with Garlic marinated portobello mushroom, with butternut squash gratin, spinach & asparagus. It was delicious and even my mushroom hating boyfriend loved the mushroom. I’m going to try and make it! After dinner I went to check out JOC’S NEW CAR!!! I love it. He also got a Honda but he got the Accord. It’s a pretty gunmetal color and it’s very strange to see such a difference between the two. We’re the Honda twins, and he loves it! Ha. After the car fun we went to Billy and Lauren’s after rehearsal dinner party at the Wildhorse Saloon. I’ve never been there and it was a blast. I think I have a future in bar line dancing, those girls just looked like they were having SO much fun. Hey everyone can have a wild dream, right?!?


Saturday morning we got up early to head to a YUMMY brunch at Noshville. I had an avocado, tomato and Swiss egg white omelet with potato chive cakes and wheat toast. THAT was the breakfast of champions! After that we visited some friends and toured Brandon and Caroline’s house before hitting the pool for an afternoon dip! Then it was wedding time and we went to see Billy and Lauren. Such a pretty sight 🙂


For Sunday Funday we went to see “The Goods” which was a hilarious movie if you like movies like “Old School”. Before the movie I woke up to YUMMY pancakes from my wonderful boyfriend (thanks Joc). They were heart healthy with flax and wheat and other good stuff!


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