Blast from the Past

After our WIN over Georgia on Saturday we all headed out to Cool Beans. It’s been over a year since I’ve walked into that bar when I used to be there every weekend. It was weird to see ALL of the exact same people there and for them to remember you. Gus Gus, St. Charles, Married Guy, DK…the whole bartending gang. What was weird…the additional of a NEW STALL in the ladies room. This might not seem like a big deal but for any lady that has ever waited in the hour long bathroom line at Cool Beans, this was a huge advancement. We sectioned ourselves out to the patio as none of us remembered it being that smoky in there. More people smoking? Us just noticing it? Who knows, but it was gross. Miss Christi Carson even made a guest appearance and I was so glad Joc got to meet her crazy self. Another fun GA weekend with my ladies and their boyfriends/fiances. Soon it will be boyfriends/fiances/husbands/kids. Crazy to think of us going from running all over Massey to being adults with husbands and children. I guess it happens 😉

I truly hope this tradition continues!!!

Typical Cool Bean's Gang

Typical Cool Bean's Gang

Enjoying the WIN

Enjoying the WIN


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