St. Simons Island: Day 3

Saturday included some more exploring. Joc and I finally found a shell! The beach was covered with even more horseshoe crabs. Very crazy. We also took a wonderful bike ride around the island and I found my dream home. We found some battle sites and just really took in all of the sights of the island that we would have missed in a car!



Riding Bikes Around the Island


Dream Home


Battle of Bloody Marsh


We then went to the Marina for a late lunch. It was so nice to eat out over the water. We watched the pelicans go crazy over the fishermen throwing out the nasty junk. It was just a lovely day before the wedding!



Lunch at the Marina



Then it was time to get ready for the BEAUTIFUL wedding! I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. The evening was full of laughter and tears. Joc and I did TONS of dancing. He is a phenomenal dancer!!!


Arriving at the Reception


Tasty Wedding Cake


First Dance


Cutting of the Cake


Spin Spin Spin



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