Ole Miss!

We went to Ole Miss for the game. Lots of time spent in the car, but totally worth it. We had a blast, and the condo on the golf course we stayed in was so stunning. I’ve decided I’m going to move there and just pretend I go to Ole Miss. Just creep around campus all day and head to the Grove for tailgates. Sounds like a good plan to me, how about you? Wonder how much longer I can pass for a college student…hrm.


Ready for Dinner


We went to dinner on Friday night to Prime. Yes, a steakhouse…but the MacNCheese, holy cow. It was made with alfredo sauce. So I had MacNCheese, Baked Potato and Mushrooms. Totally carb heavy, and totally worth it. The wine cut through the carbs, right? Ha if only if worked that way.

We then went out for a night on the town. The cab we rode in was hilarious and I was quickly informed that the big thing in Oxford is the cabs. They paint them funny and they’re EVERYWHERE. While we were out I ran into Daniel…who is Rachel Todd’s cousin and the guy that will be escorting me at her wedding. It’s been about 6 years since I’ve seen Daniel but I knew it was him RIGHT AWAY. I’m sure Rachel didn’t like us BOTH calling her so late to tell her the good news!


Crazy Cab


Saturday we got up at 6 to get ready to go tailgate. I LOVE the grove and wish UT’s campus was as tailgate friendly as Ole Miss. No beer is allowed on campus but liquor is. Who’s crazy idea was that? Don’t give them beer, but give them shots. I guess it’s the eco friendly thing to do…who knows? I’m sure Susie knows, actually. We had such a blast even though the vols lost. We continued to tailgate post game until it was so dark and we were the only ones around. I cannot wait to go back!!!

The Grove

7:30a Tailgate

The Whole Gang

Enjoying the Game


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