I was so blessed to be able to go home and spend time with my family. I spent the days before and after Christmas with Joc but most of it was spent in PA. I was a little worried about not making it home since PA received 18 inches of snow a few days before I flew out! Luckily, all was well and I didn’t get blown up (not funny joke). My “big” gifts were a watch from Joc (that I love) and a Garmin and workout clothes from Mom. Maybe she’s telling me something?!? Then again, Joc received a Garmin and workout clothes so maybe we’re BOTH being told we need some “help”. All kidding aside, I am very grateful for my gifts and wouldn’t ask for more! I was able to visit Dad and both sets of grandparents. I cannot explain how blessed I am to have all 4 of them still kicking and kicking HARD! The trip home was just as safe, and it wasn’t as hard to leave knowing I’ll be going up there again at the end of January!

At Church!


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