Valentine’s Day

Ahhh….Valentine’s Day. You either love it or hate it (or indifferent). I fall into that 3rd category. I don’t wants gifts, I don’t want a predetermined meal at a fancy restaurant. I want a romantic meal in with the love of my life (and maybe a nice card). That’s what I got! It was so refreshing to just enjoy each other’s company. Dan was in town from Dallas so a whole crew of us went to dinner and out for drinks on Friday night. While out we saw Gwyneth Paltrow…man I’m obsessed with that woman. She’s my “body goal”. Everyone needs one!

He's Got Mine

Saturday we met with the Meriwether’s for lunch at Calypso Cafe. This is my new favorite place and I expect to be dining there often. Then we went to see Valentine’s Day (the movie). It was SOOOO good and I recommend it for a date night. Joc even liked it. It’s your typical rom-com and it reminded me a lot of Love Actually. So, if you like that…go see this. That night I made dinner (loaded potato soup and a yummy salad) then snuggled on the couch. All of a sudden I was struck with a terrible terrible headache. My amazing boyfriend gave me a cold washcloth and just let me lay there. I was laying in a coma position, like a pencil. How’s that for a Valentine’s Day? Ugh! I’ve at least figured out my trigger is Aspartame. Probably good I don’t consume the stuff anyway.


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