It’s time ladies and gentleman…to bring back the blog. There’s just SO much going on in my life right now I think the best way to handle it is to share it with all of you lovlies.

I’m not going to go back over the past 8 months and and comb through all that has been missed (the past is the past for a reason) but I will give the highlights (even though you all know them).

1. WE’RE ENGAGED….YAY! (I know you already know this, I scream it every day.)

Save the Dates


Our wedding website and all the juicy details can be found here:


2. I took a new job and moved to Nashville. Again, I know you know this.

Can you find our building?


I live in the Viridian downtown and work for MedSolutions in Cool Springs as the Marketing Campaign Manger. When people ask me what I do…I handle Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial Healthcare Marketing through social, direct, email and tradeshow marketing. In a nutshell? I make our healthcare solutions sexy to 50 year old white men.

3. Joc took an exciting new job!

He’s now working for ACS a Xerox company selling solutions to mostly Medicaid clients. He works super hard and travels a lot, but it’s all worth it and I’m so proud of him for being SOOOOO accomplished in his short years.

Welcome back lovlies….now let’s start this journey!


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