Heading to Memphis…GO VOLS!

Three of the people in this photo below are getting together for a fun filled weekend in Memphis!!!

Time to Party!

That would be…….drum roll please……Maribeth, Rachel and Myself.

O yeah the boys are coming along for the ride. I have a feeling this will be a disaster wonderful time for all! One bedroom for 6 people? It’s like a version of the Real World but without the couple swapping! We’re not sure if Beale Street is ready for us, but we’re ready for it! I feel a diver coming on!!! What’s a diver? Well my friends…it’s a bucket of lowering inhibitions in a shady bar with pianos really awesome HUGE drink in a dueling piano bar. Did I mention the goats? Yeah, a bar with goats…who woulda thunk it! Back to the diver bucket. It’s a bucket full of beer, vodka, rum, whiskey and who knows what else (it’s pink) with about 10 straws coming out of it. BRING IT!

It’s been way too long since the 6 of us partied together! So here’s a cheers to 7 years of friendship and a weekend where to Vols kick the Tigers butt!!!!!

P.S. Wish those other two lovely ladies in the photo above were coming. It’s not the same without you!


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