5 months and counting!

So, in exactly 5 months from today, Joc and I will be saying “I Do!”

I am so blessed beyond words and I cannot wait to stinkin marry that MAN!!!

Things we checked off the list this past week:

  • Caterer Booked (finally selected after going round and round)
  • Centerpieces Chosen
  • Mother’s Lace now in Nashville
  • Boutonnieres Chosen
  • My sweet Aunt Witchie is lending me the family garter which of course made me cry for like 30 minutes!
  • Premarital Counseling Booked (we have to do 4 sessions)
  • Lingerie Shower (thanks Mom, Aunt Carole and Aunt Witchie!!!)
  • Groomsmen gifts purchased
  • Bridesmaid gifts purchased
  • Christmas Tree decorated (not wedding related but still very exciting)

Bring it on!!!!!!!! I’m ready 🙂


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