Something I’m loving right now!

I love food…shocker. If you’ve ever been around me, you know I eat every two hours (just like a baby) and if I don’t I start to look like this:



Just ask Joc…I now keep a Kashi bar constantly on hand.

Well I’m currently LOVING Kroger brand CarbMaster yogurt. All flavors (except Chai Vanilla)! The carrot cake, while oddly orange, taste exactly like a carrot cake in a cup. It’s a great protein snack for my busy days at work. Joc loves them too…he tops them with Mom’s homemade chewy granola. We both love Mom’s granola, but I let Joc eat more of it because I swear he starts drooling at the sight of it. Back to the yogurt…here’s the Carrot Cake:

Carrot Cake Yogurt

How can you beat 60 cals, 4 g carbs, 1.5 g fat, and 8 g protein??? Well you can, but it sure won’t taste like dessert!

My current favorite flavor is Spiced Pear. Did your grandmaw put canned pears in a bowl and top them with cinnamon? No? Sucks to be you…my grandmaw is obviously better than yours. Yes? Then that’s EXACTLY what this tastes like. It takes me right back to being 6 sitting in her kitchen eating pears and cinnamon out of a white bowl with a blue design around the rim. YUM! I hope I don’t get sick of it!

Picture this, but Blonde and Curly!

What’s better? You can pick up 5 of these bad boys for $2 on most days. Hello budget friendly!!! Don’t have a Kroger? Again, sucks to be you. Pick a better state…I kid, I kid.


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