Food By State

I stumbled across this pretty cool thing (thanks CNN) that shows state’s most popular food! While not all of them make sense (Nevada – Buffet?? That’s not a FOOD), some are dead on (Maine – Lobster). A lot of the comments talk about how TN should not be tomatoes. Well, the obvious would be BBQ, but that’s the south in general. If you’ve ever tasted a Grainger County tomato by itself (or with a little bit of salt) you would agree that they are AMZING! Pennsylvania (SHOCKER) has the philly cheesesteak but I think a Hershey chocolate bar could have easily been stuck on there as well. Jersey should have called it an Italian Hoagie instead of sub…but I digress.

If you click on the picture below you can see the full size version and actually read the foods.


Food by State

Do YOU think your state was well represented?


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