Wedding Invitations…SHEW

I’m a DIY girl (duh, if you know me at all). I’m VERY picky (just look at Joc) and I usually think I can do something better than anyone else could. This only applies to something I know I CAN DO. I know that I cannot fix a sink…therefore I would not try. I do know that I can paint my nails…so I don’t let anyone else touch my fingers. You may call it OCD, and I’m okay with that. ANYWAY…back to the invitations.

I’m totally DIYing my invitations. After changing my mind on what invitations I wanted to use, I searched for many weeks, many stores, many everything to find the stupid things. I was on a mission though, and I thank Joc for helping me and agreeing to go along with my craziness. The old ones were black and white, but my colors are black and ivory so that REALLY bothered me. So when I found black and ivory (much better) invitations I JUMPED!!! I finally found them (all 7 boxes) in like 7 stores all over the southeast. Step 1…complete.

New Invitations

Next (Step 2) I decided to do my own calligraphy! Mostly because I find it to be super fun! You’ve already seen my blog devoted to that…so I won’t go too much into that. I have to thank Joc here too since he’s really good at keeping the envelopes organized as I throw them across the kitchen put them on the table once “addressed”. Almost finished with this piece…140 down, 30+ to go. Never realized how much 170+ was until I started addressing outer AND inner envelopes, o AND return address envelopes. For those who are keeping score we’re now over 510 envelopes. BRING IT ON, I LIVE FOR THIS! Knowing that someone will open/touch/enjoy something that I poured my heart, soul and tears into gives me such joy.



Then it was on to wording (Step 3). This took some time, but was fairly easy. We knew what we wanted to say and how we wanted to say it but it was trying to figure out fonts and sizing, and who to put where. It was exciting though…and to top it off we needed response card wording too. We took the wording and invitations and spent about 5 hours printing them all off. I hand fed each and every one (for those keeping count, that makes 420 printed items) while Joc checked each for straightness and put them in perfectly arranged piles. I’m very lucky I tell ya! ANOTHER THING OFF THE LIST! Here’s what we went with for the invitations:

God has led two lives to take one path
The parents of
Kaitlin Rae Grothey
James Oliver Collignon, Jr.
request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their children
on Saturday, the XXXXXXX of April
two thousand eleven
at five o’clock in the evening

Brentwood United Methodist Church
Brentwood, TN

Step 4…picking out a return address stamp. Above I mentioned the response envelopes. These ARE NOT the same as the return address information. I decided on a stamp since our envelopes would not look right with something in the left hand corner. This is the design we went with and it arrived over the weekend. It says COLLIGNON so that Joc can use it for now, and WE can use it later 🙂


Our First Stamp

Up next? (Step 5) The stuffing party! Aftin has volunteered to have some ladies to her home for some SERIOUS stuffing. We’ll have cocktails while stuffing, tying ribbons, stuffing, stamping, etc. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends!!! I think it will look something like this:


Assembly Line

Enough about invitations…because then I start thinking about programs…AND I FREAK!

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