25 random facts about me!

Most of you already know these, but I thought this was a fun way to share a little piece of my life. I was inspired by US Weekly and Jocelyn Chambers (her blog, rather, which is located here).

1. I do not eat blue foods. They are weird and un-natural. Do not argue with me about this, I will just ignore you. I have finally eaten one blue food, York peppermint patty pieces. They are just too good to only eat the white ones, I just have to close my eyes.

2. My eyes aren’t really brown, nor are they hazel. They are actually GOLD.

3. Every car I’ve picked out myself has been blue, but I only like black vehicles.

4. I could eat salsa for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I do!

5. My nails always have to be painted, ALWAYS. I judge your chipped nail polish.

6. I have an extra muscle in one of my wrists. It pops out when I flex it.

7. I believe that every person God puts into your life has a purpose. It might mean they need you, and you don’t need them. Yes, even the lady who bugged the crap out of you on the plane.

8. James Jeans are my favorite brand of jeans. They have a LONG inseam!

9. My grandmother’s angel food cake is the BEST! Drooling…

10. My middle name is Rae, as well as my mother’s and grandmother’s.

11. I don’t have a favorite color.

12. My closet is organized by color in order of the rainbow.

13. The first time I saw Joc I told my best friend I was going to marry him (forgot that, thanks Steph) 6 years before we met again!

14. I am a vegetarian.

15. My first and second toes are long, with the remaining three being short.

16. I was born in York, PA.

17. I think wedding cake is the best part of a reception. LET THEM EAT CAKE!

18. I like things to be in threes.

19. I hAtE wHeN pEoPlE tYpE lIkE tHiS… I cannot be friends with you.

20. I have scars on both shins from falling off of a see-saw in 6th grade.

21. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is THE BEST FLAVOR. (and it’s not chocolate chip mint)

22. I secretly wish people still had pen pals.

23. I think sauerkraut is delicious!

24. I only use Dove soap.

25. I can say my ABCs backwards!!! Or should I say CBAs???


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