I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven!

Dear person who put mint with chocolate,

You are my hero. They are a perfect match, and I love them in EVERY form. Junior Mints? Divine! Andie’s Mints? Delish! Girl Scout Thin Mints? Get frozen and get in my belly! Peppermint Mocha? Drooling…


The crazy obsessed girl

Then this little guy came into my life this morning:

Photo: Build and Share Ideas


Lord, please let me be strong while I can smell these just feet away. I mean, it IS my Birthday WEEK, so 4 won’t really hurt me. Just don’t let me have any more…

They better have these in heaven!

I’m tagging these as recipe, but I want you to find it. Just don’t let me have it. I DO have a wedding dress to fit into. Kthxbye.


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