Morning Glory and such

Last night we watched the movie “Morning Glory” while I cooked up the Italian Skillet dinner that I’ve posted on here before. Joc simply refers to it as “the goodness”, which it is. It makes an appearance about once a week. I’m all about 30 minutes in ONE PAN!

Photo: IMDb

It was a good movie. Makes you stop and think about life’s priorities and what really matters. I looooooooooove me some Harrison Ford (drooling) which made it even more fun to watch. Rachel McAdams is just too stinkin cute as well. I highly recommend this as a quiet evening watch. I love how neurotic this movie is…hits home 😉

I see the following things in my future for this weekend:

  • Wedding thank you notes
  • Taking stuff to Goodwill
  • Snickerdoodle Cupcakes…yup, a cookie turned into a cupcake
  • A long run or 5 (or just 2)
  • A good book
  • Seeing the movie “Hall Pass”
  • P.F. Chang’s Buddha’s Feast

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