Things I’ve learned through our wedding process…

The marriage rate of my friends is at about 50/50.

50% being blissfully married and the other 50% on their way or awaiting Mr. Perfect!

When Joc and I first became engaged, I thought the wedding planning process would be like this:

Yup…”rainbows and unicorns”. I’m sure you’ve heard me say this about 100o times. Seriously though, this entire process has been an amazing rollercoaster ride full of ups, downs, and upside downs! I am blessed with amazing friends and family to get me through everything and be SOOOOOO supportive. Joc is handling a ton of the wedding details (am I blessed or what?) and luckily I’m pretty crafty, creative, cautious and cheap conscience. There are some women, who after they get married, decide they want to plan weddings for a living. I am not that girl.

For those out there about to be engaged or married (or if you just want some humor), here are 10 key things I have learned over the past 12 months:

  1. Picking a good band (or music) is CRAZY IMPORTANT. Thanks Steph for having our band first. Go listen to your band perform live, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. It’s ok to steal borrow.
  2. Some of your family won’t come to the biggest day of your life. Be prepared for that, I wasn’t.
  3. People want food. They want food as gifts, they want food at their hotel, they want food in a car, they want food in a jar, (you get the point) they want food and they want it NOW!!!!!! They do not care if you serve it to them on 24k gold plates or paper as long as it’s fast and it tastes DELICIOUS!
  4. Your wedding cake will be judged. Just ask Rachel Lewis-Rapier (my amazing cake lady and dear friend). It needs to taste better than it looks. No one cares if have a life-sized cake of a lion if it tastes like it was made 2 months ago. Just sayin’
  5. Your fiance DOES have an opinion, and his opinion matters just as much as yours. Last time I checked, a wedding is the marriage of two people. You can disagree with me on this, but my fiance helps and without him, this wedding would not be happening. If he wants neon green ascots? Let him have them. You’re getting your dream wedding dress, aren’t you?
  6. Stay on top of your thank you notes. This has helped me a TON! I hate being tardy on my thank you’s. I set time out each week to write them.
  7. Everyone. Has. An. Opinion. Yup, even your 1st grade teacher (Just an example Mrs. K)
  8. Take days for “no wedding talk” days. On those days, hang out with your man and just enjoy being the couple you were before this wedding planning took off. These are our favorite days and we cherish each and every minute of them. The cake tasting can wait…
  9. Long engagements give you plenty of time…to change your mind. Yup, everyone remember my wedding invitation ordeal?
  10. It’s just a party. It’s just a really expensive party. The real celebration is that you are marrying the person God has put into your life to be solely yours forever. It’s not about the shoes, the rings, the tablecloths, the chairs, the tea, the gifts. It’s about the amazing gift of spending the rest of your life with one person who will love you and ALL of your flaws (not that you have any). Never forget that, even when you want to cry over the wrong color green.

On that note, CHEERS!!!


2 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned through our wedding process…

  1. I don’t mind that you borrowed our band!!! We are so excited to see them… what could be better.. your BFFs wedding with a super amazing band?!

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