Family gifts!

Is there really ANYTHING better than wearing something that once belonged to another family member?

It could be an old purse, a scarf, a necklace or some earrings but there’s just something about them that means so much more than the new pair you got last week.

I have had the honor of having my Grandmaw Reisinger hand a few items down to me. The first was a pair of black earrings which I wear to just about every social event. They are timeless and classic, and I only wish I knew how old they were!

I was home for a visit in the past couple of years and was asking my Grandmaw about how funny it is to see things come back into style, and how I hope to hold on to key pieces to pass on. I also mentioned that I was currently (a few years ago) coveting a pair of fake ivory carved flower earrings. Enough adjectives for you? I know they no longer use ivory (or shouldn’t) but I love the daintiness of studs, and thought they were adorable.

She mentioned she remembered those and emerged from her jewelry case with her very own pair!!! These were the real deal people, ivory (sorry) and all. Now I would not be one to purchase a real fur or ivory anything, but a passed down piece is divine. My own personal version of recycling. Every time I wear them, I think of my Grandmaw (hi, Grandpaw…show Grandmaw I’m writing about her). I can only hope to pass some timeless pieces to my granddaughter someday!

Without further adieu….here they are!!!



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