We Bought a Lot!!!

Last week I mentioned that Joc and I made the family decision to put on condo on the market. So we’re saying goodbye to this view in anticipation for bigger and better plans.

Enjoying the View!

We will miss our rooftop sunsets and the city sounds, but we’ve decided it’s time to become suburbanites! We spent Saturday night enjoying the view, a few cocktails and many memories. It was nice to take a break from the INSANITY of 3 weeks until the wedding and enjoying something we (hopefully) won’t have for much longer. I’m thinking we need a friend to buy our place so we can still come visit…any takers???

On a truly exciting note…Joc and I put an offer down on a lot and it has been accepted. We close June 1. Yes, we’re at least smart enough to wait until after the wedding craziness has died down. Not trying to have a stroke here people (almost there though).

I’m OBSESSED with our lot and if you’re coming to the wedding prior to Friday I’m sure you will be lucky enough to get a personal tour from yours truly. It’s super close to the Thursday night party. I drive past it most nights on my way home from work. What can I say? I love the thing.

Before I just jump in and give you the labeled, yes labeled, lot (I’ve become a little OCD lately) I want to tell you a little about the neighborhood. It’s in Brentwood, TN and located directly behind Governor’s Club for all you locals. It is in Williamson County. It feeds into Ravenwood HS which is a brand newish school district and has very high testing scores (maybe the highest?). They are the Raptors (I can overlook this) which all I can think of is Jurassic Park and their little arms, but everything has a hawk on it (insert confused face). I think they should be the Ravens…but I digress. It is an oval shaped neighborhood with a giant hill in the middle that can never be developed. That giant hill is full of walking trails and other goodies. There are a total of about 40 lots in the neighborhood. We’ve met our neighbors across the pond (we’ll get to that in a minute) and they are new grandparents and very sweet. They lived in the house through the flood last year without any problems (this is HUGE).

Now onto the lot…it has a wide front and a narrow back. I think this means I get my circle driveway that I’ve always wanted. Standing on the street, the lot to the left is empty, but there have been some nibbles. To the right in a pond with a fountain…and that’s what sold it. The sounds coming from the fountain are soothing and perfect for outdoor living (another dream of mine). The fountain is lit every evening from 7-10. In between our home and the fountain is a walking trail. Behind our house is a gazebo overlooking the fountain. Across the street is a drainage area, so no one can build there. Are you keeping score??? We will only EVER have a neighbor on one side and that side won’t be the focal point of our house!

Okay, I think I’ve kept you waiting long enough…

Our New Lot!!!


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