We’re MARRIED!!!

It’s official…we are hubs and wifey. I am beyond blessed. Thank you to everyone that shared in our special day. I cannot wait for all of the photos to come out, as well as post our honeymoon adventures on here for you to see. Check back often…but here’s a teaser (courtesy of our AMAZING photog Lori) to hold you over.

Photo: Lori Ann Photography

Yes, I am in the ridiculous process of trying to change my name. I now fully understand why people just keep theirs. This is even more work than the wedding paperwork. It will all be worth it…I’m already going by Kaitlin C anyway!

Collignon is the spelling. Now how do you say that thing??? Easy. It’s pronounced: kuh-lyn-yun (see, not that hard)


2 thoughts on “We’re MARRIED!!!

  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! And I always wondered how to pronounce the new last name! haha Thanks for the clarification! Sad I couldn’t be there to celebrate with yall!

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