Look at me…being adventurous!

While we were in Cabo, Joc really wanted to surf. It was reason numero uno why we chose Cabo. It took a little more convincing to get me out in that water, but I am so glad I did. WE LOVED IT!!! I’m posting these photos first because it truly was a BLAST and the photos are so great. We’ll get to the rest of the honeymoon at a later time, but in the meantime…SURF’S UP!!!

I was terrified of the rocks, not so much about sharks. The instructor assured me that with his fins and dangling legs, the sharks would eat him before me. Sadly, this made me feel better. Joc was a natural, but I stole the show at the end of our adventure by walking OFF of my board onto the sand. The good: I didn’t fall off into the water and onto the rocks. The bad: I had to swim all the stupid way back out to catch another wave.



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