Some things I’m loving right now…

1. My husband. He travels in spurts, which is hard at times, but his returns are just that much sweeter. I love when I’m having a rough day (without him knowing) and an email will pop up in my inbox letting me know he loves me. I am blessed beyond words! I friend asked me what my favorite “us time” was…I have two!

One is our Monday evening runs on the golf course. Monday’s suck, but getting to tell the one I love the in’s and out’s of my day while sweating out some serious toxins is like therapy. I love that we are so active together! Here comes a tangent, so you might want to skip to the next paragraph: I hope that our activeness carries on if we have a child. I hope that we can all go to the track together on Saturday mornings and run around. I hope they want to swim and jump and climb and ride bikes just like us. I hope they love to play outside, get dirty and go on walks. I hope they’re more curious and adventurous than Joc and I put together. These are the things I hope for our family. End tangent.

Two would be our lazy Sunday evenings. I love to snuggle up, watch movies and eat homemade nachos or a big fat pizza. It’s our quiet time before the craziness of the work week begins again. There usually isn’t a lot of talking going on during this time, but that’s ok too! It’s nice to be able to enjoy each other without a word. It’s nice to put on PJs at 5pm, hair in a pony and the day washed off my face. Yup, love those days with my man.


2. White jeans. The perfect summer staple! So classic. I just can’t get enough of mine and if you’ve seen me recently I was probably wearing them with some brightly colored shirt! Repeat offender? Guilty.

3. Bright coral nail polish. Love love love it! Seriously digging this color right now.

OPI on Collins Ave



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