Friday Fashion for Less

I love love LURV bright colors. In fact, if you were sitting near me today you would see me sporting yellow, orange and pink all at the same time. It’s one of my favorite things about summer. I love the juiciness of brights (see nail polish from yesterday). So today’s post is about pairing brights. Not all of us can rock the budget of a Birkin bag and Louboutin booties, nor do we get paid $10K per tweet. So, I’m stealing the look and bringing it to you for less!


Oh La La

Fashion for less:

Sunglasses: $5.80

Sweater: $78.00

Purse: $236.00

Jeans: $69.90

Booties: $115.50

You’re on your own for the white tank. I would hope you already have one of those 😉



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