SOme new polish

It’s no shocker that I LOVE nail polish, some would even say I obsess over it (Joc). If you could search my entire blog I think you would find that I mention my hatred of chipped polish at least a dozen times. Normally I have on pale pink, bright pink, coral or red. I do branch out on occasion (thanks Becca for that green polish) but normally I’m pretty classic. Joc’s favorite is red and well I like to give my man what he wants so red is a normal staple. Last night I was walking through the store and spotted something crazy and I liked it! Hello lavender nails….I cannot wait to try you out next week. It will have to wait til next week though since my Essie Mademoiselle is too pretty to take off!

So prettttyyy:

Not my Nails!

Currently rockin…

Also, Not my Nails!


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