A Super Fun Weekend

We had a fun-filled and very full weekend. I’ll start at the beginning and apologize for my lack of photos. Becca was the photo snapper, she has a MUCH better camera than me (two to be exact) 😦

Friday night:

Joe and Becca came into town! First we ate at Puckett’s…DROOL, then Becca and I hit the town to see the Katy Perry concert.

That girl sure can put on a show!!! That girl has some serious pipes on her. Who knew?!? Her costumes were out of control, which we both really enjoyed. After the concert we walked back to the condo to reunited with the boys. We then headed upstairs to do some midnight swimming. Joe was the only one who got in. CAN IT REALLY BE CHILLY NIGHTS ALREADY?!?! ugh. I want my summer back.


Becca and I headed to Aftin’s baby shower while the boys went bowling with the rest of the men from the baby shower. Baby Ava Marie received so many wonderful gifts. She is one lucky baby!!! Aftin is a skinny mini with a big ole bump. That sweet baby is coming in 5 weeks and I know we will be making a TON of trips to the Swearingen home shortly.

Stole this...

Saturday night:

I cooked up a mean meal. We ate a lot of queso, followed up with 3 types of salsa, followed up with a few of my favorites. I made my taco cups (recipe can be found on my blog) with spicy chicken and sweet potato enchiladas (also on my blog). Everyone kind of went into a food coma, but we did enjoy catching up and spending some quality time together.


Joe and Becca left early in the morning to head back to Atlanta. Becca needed to go to the office for a little. Joc and I had planned on having a MUCH needed date night Sunday night, but then worked happened. I spent the majority of the day working on and off. I still did get to spend time with Joc seeing as he was sitting about 15 feet away, but it’s not the same. When you own a high rise downtown you really can’t spend time “apart”. It’s a great communication helper! Luckily we will have the weekend to ourselves in San Fran. I think we’re both REALLY looking forward to it! More on that later….

How’s that for a busy weekend?!?!


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