My game day experience!

So Joc and I went to the Titans game yesterday. We had a wonderful tailgate before heading in to the game. It was so great to see people we haven’t seen since the wedding!

Go Titans!

Fast forward to almost the end of the 1st quarter. Joc and I went up to the deck to get something to drink. A man in plain clothes comes up to me and asks if I can throw a football. “Yes, I can” was my response. He then asked if I want to throw a football. “Maybe?!?”. Would you like to possible win $500K? “Heck yes I would!!!” was my final response. Off I went with this man, followed by two other contestants (men). We walked down some weird paths through the stadium and popped out onto THE FIELD!!! I had to wear this stupid long jersey that made it look like I wasn’t wearing any pants and also obstructed my throwing arm. It was AMAZING to be on the field. It was an eerie silence down there. I guess I expected it to be louder than it was….

Let me just throw in this disclaimer…the way they set up the goal (a tractor tire) is designed to make it almost impossible to hit the target. The U shaped guards are to the far right of the goal so you have to turn your body AND throw across your body to attempt to make it. NOT FAIR.

The first gentleman threw the ball and missed. Then it was my turn. I threw better than the first guy but still didn’t make it….BUMMER. The third guy threw

(a 7′ tall dude that probably played some sort of ball in a former life) and almost made it. He was really nice and we high-fived each other as we walked off the field. O yeah, and after repeating my name 8 times the announcer actually got it right!!! I was impressed. Thanks to my amazing father-in-law I even have pictures to prove it!

Can you see me?

See the tall guy? And my jersey dress?

Here I go!


O well....I still had a blast!


3 thoughts on “My game day experience!

  1. Looked like you had a great time. Rachel is correct. I am glad you showed all the girl’s there what you could do. Great job!!!!!!!!. Do you have season tickets to see the Titan’s or do you just go whenever you have time. Maybe I can come down and go to a game with you both, but only if the Skin’s are playing (hahaha). Your dad would go too, but he does not like football or any other sport like that.

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