My Broken makeup tip!

I have a tendency to drop things…like every day drop things. Ask Hubs, he hears me yell every morning. I can do one leg dead lifts and one leg squats yet somehow these hands can’t hold on to anything. I break my makeup constantly, in fact I did it again this morning. This time one of my Smashbox eyeshadows was the victim. Poor guy, all he does is make me look nice and that’s how I treat him. So, I’ve come up with a way to save those expensive cosmetics once they break!

I’ve been doing this forever, but thought to myself…I can’t be the only one who hates tossing away perfectly good makeup that has broken into 97234506 pieces. Time to share my tip on saving broken makeup!

Once it breaks dump it onto a piece of paper. Use the dull end of tweezers to scrape out anything remaining in the container. Roll the piece of paper into a cone and dump the contents into one of these:

Yes, that’s a stackable pill container. The key is to buy one that has a twist top so you don’t lose any product. I love the stackable feature because all of your broken items are in one organized place! They have them just about anywhere. As I break more, I keep adding to the bottom of the stack 😉 It makes a nice travel pack and gets rid of some of the bulky packaging when there is just a little product left. I’ve even scraped out the bottom of lipstick tubes and put it in one! The possibilities really are endless.

What do you use to save your broken makeup? Has anyone tried the melting the lipstick tubes?


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