A Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend Joc and I headed to the lake. We had a very sad moment when we realized it could be the last weekend we go this year. Fingers crossed for a final visit in November!!!

We drove over after work on Friday with our favorite wraps in hand. We arrived to the lakehouse late-ish Friday night, so we put on some TV and just vegged.

Saturday morning we got up, and headed to Arrow Head Marina for breakfast. I had my “bad for you” fav of 2 eggs (over medium), wheat toast and home fries. Joc had some egg whites, toast and pancakes. You better believe some of those pancakes made their way into my belly. Joc Sr. and Margaret were along for the ride. After breakfast as we were leaving I had to have a Tootsie Pop. I, Kaitlin, am a Tootsie Pop addict. Since I had a belly full, I felt too lazy to walk back to the boat. My wonderful husband carried me back! Thanks to Joc Sr. for capturing this moment…lollipop and all.

After we got home, it started to get warm, QUICK! I went inside and put on a bikini top, but it wasn’t warm enough for the bottoms. So there I was looking like a rockstar from a 90’s Mountain Dew commercial in my bandeau bikini top and LEGGINGS! Joc found great humor in this. Joc Sr. and Margaret headed to Knoxville to catch the Vols.

We later went for a run…then I resumed my rockstar status by combining my bikini top with my running shorts this time. Again, Joc found this hilarious, yet now he is jealous of my tan. Not too many warm sunny days left, kiddos. We munched on hummus, chex mix, dog food, whatever else we found in the kitchen and waited for the LSU game to start. NO CELEBRATING IN END ZONES.

Before the UT game started (don’t want to talk about it) I made us a healthy dinner of homemade sweet potato baked fries and veggie burgers. I finished my meal with a baked apple (YUM) while hubs ate leftover pumpkin blondies. Food coma hit me…night night.

Sunday morning we woke up, and took the boat out on our own. I drove steered the boat to Blue Springs Marina for breakfast. It was nice enough to eat outside overlooking the water. This time I had an egg white omelet with onions and peppers, white toast (out of wheat – lame) and hashbrowns. Joc had a cheese and egg white omelet, hashbrowns and a biscuit. The 3 4 cups of coffee I had on the porch during breakfast took me right back to Knoxville circa 2006 sitting on the porch with the now Mrs. Stephanie King. Sigh…college.

After breakfast, Joc Sr. and Margaret met us back at the lakehouse. We watched Sunday football and waited to cheer on the Titans. What is up with my TN teams?!?!?!!? Ugh. Joc and I had a wonderful sandwich on our trip to San Francisco. We attempted to re-create it on Sunday. Crunchy bread, pesto, goat cheese and sliced potatoes, salt/pepper. A-ma-zing. Try.it.now.

We headed back to Nashville, stopped by Sweet Cece’s then officially went home. As we were on Church St, we saw something crazy! A helicopter in the Church St. parking lot across from Puckett’s.

Joc and I rushed upstairs knowing when it took off if was going to be EPIC. Sure enough, it was. SOOOooooo loud. We went out on our balcony along with everyone else in the Viridian to see a once in a lifetime thing! That made the rest of the evening p-r-e-tty boring.

How’s that for a weekend recap?? What did you do?


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