Busy lady…

Sunday Run – Miles: 9.78/Time: 1:19 (Holy 30mph wind gusts)

Well, I took off Friday to travel down to Ole Miss for the weekend. We ended up not going at the last minute, which was fine because I needed some serious relaxation after my 60+ hours in 4 days stint. Sigh.

Friday, Joc and I got up and got in a weights workout. I finished my latest Have a Seat project. Then Joc and I went to see Footloose…which was A-MAZ-ING!!! Cannot wait to see it again. Then we went for dinner with the Meriwethers.

Saturday, we woke up, and cleaned the condo for showings. I then made cupcakes and chili. We hit the road down to the Jenkin’s home to watch some football. I mostly played tackle football with their little one. We DID have a showing that day so I’m glad we deep cleaned!!! We headed home and Nathan, Ashley, Travis and Aftin stopped over before heading to the Preds game. After our guests left we watched Horrible Bosses. Pretty good movie, hilarious characters.

Sunday, I went for the run mentioned above. Holy leaves blowing right into my face. Felt like razors. It was warm though…so weird. That was my last long run before the race next Saturday. Wish me luck! Then we went to visit Dee, Lisa and the girls. Lisa and I went furniture shopping to find more pieces to work on. I found one!!! I already have a vision for it. Hoping to work on it this coming weekend. Then we headed home and watched The Change Up. A hilarious movie! Highly recommend.

So yeah, a busy weekend indeed….and now, for today’s outfit (ha!)

My skirt is navy, and that’s a emerald silk blouse…it’s hard to tell in this picture! Thanks office lighting.

77 in Nashville today, I’ll take it!


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