Some random ramblings…

Every once in awhile I get in some crazy rambling moods. Well today is one of them! I think it’s because I had to wait until 10am to have coffee, water or food thanks to our biometric screening at work.

First I’ll start with the results of my screening. Shocker, my cholesterol is still high. Good news is it went down 22 points, and my ratio also decreased. Double score for this girl. It also took me until 10am to realize that today is Thursday and not Wednesday. What are we up to now, a triple score??? Awesome.

Next, we have a showing today. That’s pretty awesome sauce. When it’s our time to move,  Dear Lord please let it go smoothly.

On Tuesday, Joc and I went to Kairos. We were happily surprised when we saw it was worship night. Some times a girl just needs to get her song on with the good Lord. No talkin’, just singin’. Joc and I are both in a “trust the Lord trial” as I like to describe it. We both needed that night.

I painted my nails last night. Does anyone else have the nail polish obsession that I do? No, okay cool.

My color, not my nails

Joc and I are house/dog(s) sitting this weekend in the Wood. I also picked up a new piece of furniture. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend??? O, and our soon-to-be new neighborhood is having their Tour for the Cure this weekend! I cannot wait to go check out what other people in our ‘hood are doing to their homes. Basically, you get to visit newly built, for sale homes and all the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

I also have my race Saturday. Wish me luck, and if you’ll be in the Cool Springs area on Saturday morning, come out and cheer these ladies on!!!

One last thing…yes, I’m wearing hose (that’s for you grandmaw).

Dress/Jacket Combo

Hate that you can’t tell where the Michael Jackson jacket stops and the shift dress starts 😦


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