Viva La Diva Race

I had my Viva La Diva 10 Mile Race on Saturday. I woke up bright and early to get ready for the race. I like to have a lot of time to freak out prepare my body for any race.

Forecast looked pretty good, but man was it windy once I got there.

Traffic was iffy, bathrooms were plentiful.

The 5K was to start at 8, with the 10M starting at 8:30. If you were running the half, you were actually running both races for a combined 13.1. They didn’t tell the 10milers not to line up with the 5Kers, so everyone was running around like “do we go? not go? can someone tell us”. Also, since they were technically 2 separate races, the halvers had to stop (yes, stop) after the 5K and wait for the 10M to begin. I would NOT have been happy about that piece.

So…off we went. How’s this for some wind??? Nice hair! O yeah and I forgot my sunglasses. UGH

I never look at course maps before a race. I feel like it’s better if I don’t know. I assumed it was pretty flat. I assumed wrong. Around mile 2 there was a GIANT hill that kept going up and up. You thought you were at the top, then it twisted and kept going up. There was a guy playing the tuba?? and a lot of others cheering you on. Love cheerleaders! At the top of the hill, the woman in front of me puked. Here’s the elevation changes from the whole 10 miles:


The first water station was after mile 3. A little far for me, I like to see water about every 2 miles. Then again these races aren’t for me… They had pumpkin markers at each mile which was a really cute idea. Mile 5 and 7 were missing though? Most streets weren’t blocked off, and at some points I wasn’t sure if I had fallen off the course. There were times when I didn’t see another human being. At mile 8, a 5 yr old was in his front yard handing out GUs. Thanks to that kid, I was able to finish strong. His parents must be runners/bikers because normal suburbanites don’t have GUs in their pantries. The last 1.75 miles were a cake, not red velvet cake though.

Here’s my statuesque awkward finish photo:

My goal was to finish in under 1:25. You can see above that I accomplished that goal. I waited around for the results thinking I probably finished in the Top 20. When I checked Saturday night I was SUPER pumped to see this:

Probably hard to read…but that bad boy says 1st in my division and 11th overall. Yeah, boi. So proud of myself! I’ve got the racing bug again. What should I sign up for next???

On a completely unrelated note…

I designed/ordered out Christmas cards over the weekend as well as worked on our parents “surprise gifts”. Golly, I am super thrilled!

And to stick to my randomness or life motto…

I’m probably going to get in trouble for this. (Disclaimer: I’m all about loving your body, but I’m more about dressing for your body.) Did anyone else watch the AMAs? What about the CMAs? Anyone else notice this similarity???

"Insert Steel Magnolias quote here"

Just lose the gloves...


5 thoughts on “Viva La Diva Race

  1. Great job Kaitlin! And thanks for finishing up the post with an awesome laugh! Jessica L & I have noticed her inappropriate clothing for her body type… No issue w/her size just dressing like she’s still a 2!

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