Hope you had a thankful weekend!

I’m b-a-c-k from my mini-break.  Did you miss me?  I doubt it because like me, I’m sure you were busy spending time with your family and friends, or just eating an entire pie by yourself.

For me, it was the entire bowl of mashed potatoes and an entire block of cream cheese with pepper jelly. GUILTY! Let’s not forget about the wine too… This lady is going on vacay in two weeks. The kind of vacay that requires a bikini and a surf board. Time to increase those miles kiddos. I’m pretty proud of myself for being active every day over my break. 5 miles on Thursday, circuit drills on Friday, 8 miles on Saturday, hand-to-mouth bicep curls on Sunday (although we did walk to Daniel Tosh-I’m counting it).

We’re not decorating for Christmas this year (trying to sell our place and all), so I spent my weekend working on a new piece of furniture. Man, this one is going to be hard to part with. I’ll post a before soon…

We caught up on a ton of rentals! We saw Super 8, the latest X-Men movie and I finally saw the movie Cars. Now I’m ready to see the second one. They were all great, and I highly recommend them!!!

Countdown to paradise has begun…12 DAYS!!!



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