It’s December!

It’s December all right! I was running in a tank and shorts on Saturday, and by Tuesday it was snowing?!? O hey winter…thanks for the warning and for skipping Fall 😦 How is it warmer in PA than TN right now. Beyond glad I’m going to the DR in 8 days.

With December comes wonderful holidays though, so I guess I’m a little excited. I have a lot of shopping left to do…which means wrapping and all of that. O, and we’re spending Christmas in PA this year which means happy husband stands a pretty good chance of seeing a white Christmas. That has it’s own joys! Love when his face lights up! Kind of like it did when he saw this:

You guessed it. It’s a Air Swimmer Remote Control Flying Shark. No? You didn’t guess that??? No, he’s not getting it. I told him he can have it when we have a child. Convo ended. Ha

Our Christmas cards are coming in today…JOY!!! I’ll go ahead and share them once I send them out. I wanna hear receive emails about these bad boys. I am proud of them, and of course I made them. This OCD mama can’t trust anybody these days.

Joc is traveling tonight which means I get to go to bed by 8:30pm. Yes, I’m THAT cool and even cooler for being excited about it. Living it up downtown, living it up big time. Be jealous…then meet me at the gym in the morning at 4:00am.

One final thought…if you know me AT ALL you know I’m a multitasking machine. I mean if you can do two things at once, why just do one??? A perfect example is when I’m working on my fitness (did you just start singing too?) If I’m busting out some squats, you better believe I’m doing some curls at the same time. So for tomorrow morning, I want YOU to try something new. While drying your hair, do some plies! Can you do them the entire time??? Goodbye fat lady pants V. No more ride up!

I just realized how I went from talking holidays into bathroom squats. How’s that for random???


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