Welp, that’s a first

I went to the dentist this morning to have a “spot covered”. Dentist said my teeth looked fine (Xrays and all) but I had matching dark spots on two molars that he wanted to cover just in case. So, I show up…prepared to get my bond, James Bond, on. I was wrong. Today my friends, I encountered my first cavity!!!!

I sit down in the chair and am instructed a little drilling is going to occur. Insert needles. Ya’ll know I am a learner, so I asked…will this hurt? What is in the needle? What is on that swab? Just HOW numb should I be? What if it doesn’t work? How many teeth have you filled in one day? Am I drooling? You know, just the basics.

His exact words, “this is just a little decay, so we’re taking it out proactively”. I love the word proactively. It meshes well with the INSANE planner in me.

So the drilling started. It’s never a good sign when the dentist says, “O I did not know it was going to look like this. Grab more novocaine “. SAY WHAT?!?!?!? So apparently I have matching cavities that weren’t painful nor did they show up in xrays. They even looked normalish on the surface. Then once he got all up in there those bad boys were like a duck on water (smooth on top but paddling like hell underneath).

Luckily…I’m a survivor. It was a close call.

Now I can go on vacation in peace.


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