Time to Dress Tuesday: New Years’ Resolutions Edition

I know at least 85% of you made some sort of goal to start working out, or more, or lose weight, or maintain weight, or stop eating whatever, or start eating whatever, or fit into _______. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Hopefully you made it more about being a better you instead of being more like (insert latest celebrity girl crush).

YUP. They’re talking about you.

Time to get up, get out, and do SOMETHING. O, and let’s look cute while we’re at it. Old t-shirts/sweatpants are not only ugly, but they do not show off your progress. They also do not show improper form. They bunch and ride and chafe and are very uncomfortable.

BIC Bands!

Show off your New Body!

High Impact Bra No Matter Cup Size!!!

Compression Leggings

Entire outfit is under $90. Take that!


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