Friday Fashion for Less

So, what do yall think about Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis?

I think they seem like an odd pair, but then again he seems to reel in the pretty ladies. I guess every girl likes a funny boy. That “someone to make them laugh”. But I’ve always wondered if comedians are as funny at home as they are on stage? I mean being a comedian is their J-O-B, so maybe they want to be quiet and boring at home? IDK.

Back to the task at hand. Finding that fashion for less! I love the casual look of Olivia in this shot. I would totally rock that look this weekend. Happy shopping!


via justjared

For Less:

First…I’m not really diggin that jacket. I thought it was leather but upon closer inspection I realized it’s like a lamb skin/shearling type thing. Too much like 80s carpet for me. Maybe it’s the color? No thanks.

Sunglasses: $5.80

Tribal Necklace: $36

Black Tee: $7.80

Jacket: SALE $53

Bootcut Jeans: $22.99

And since you can’t see her shoes…I’m going to put what I would wear with this look!

Booties: SALE $70.99


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