Going Faux…Fur

It’s cold here today. I’m really getting tired of this 57, then 30, then 60 degree weather business. I decided to break out my faux fur vest to keep me warm. I know, you northern girls are saying “30? That’s summertime weather, it’s -5 here today” and that’s cool, but I have moved south and after being here for 8 (yikes!) years my skin has thinned. I prefer black jeans over leggings in an office setting, since they’re less revealing.

The hubs comes home today (yay!) and I cannot wait. I’m making some more quinoa tonight and catching up on all of our favorite shows. It’s almost Friday peeps…get pumped!

I’m also seriously loving dry shampoo right now. Hello, volume! I’m normally a wash every day girl thanks to my 5am workouts but on Tuesdays and Thursday I mostly stick to weights and the sweating is minimal. So, I thought what the heck, let’s try this. After reading a TON of reviews, I went with Suave. Yes, Suave. On Tuesday after my weights workout I put on an amazing shower cap, washed my body and face, and then quickly blasted my damp hair with the hairdryer on the sides and my bangs. Then I sprayed on the dry shampoo (smells like grapefruit and is not ashy like baby powder), rubbed it in, did my makeup, brushed it out, and ran the straightener over a few pieces. I AM A CHANGED WOMAN!  I was ready and out the door in 30 minutes. I got ready as usually yesterday, then tried it again this morning. Another successful round. I could even pull it in a ponytail which would never have happened with 2nd day hair before this product. GO GET YOURS TODAY! Bonus: It’s $2.74 at Target.


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