Time to Dress Tuesday: Visiting a College

This isn’t as random as it first may appear. You see, my baby sister is heading off to college in the fall. She’s looking at a few places near me (YAY!) and she’s flying down this weekend for us to go check one out. She’s already been accepted there (so smart) but she has never visited the campus. This is the first weekend it will be just the two of us in…well…maybe 8 years?!? So, we’ve got our tour set…now it’s time to figure out what to wear.

We’ll be doing some walking, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress to impress. I mean who knows…she could meet her future hubs this weekend (just kidding, don’t do that Falon…ENJOY college!!!) trust us.

Warm. Comfortable. Layers. Here’s a similar look to what I’ll be wearing:

Chunky Cardigan

Patterned Button Down

Skinny Jeans

Over jeans boot socks

Riding Boots

As always…click on the images to go to the store!

What to definitely NOT wear…

Your school, or worse...another school

LOVE THESE...but let's try be a little more practical

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