Would You Rather

Come on…join me! You know you want to. It’s the “would you rather” game and it’s always bound to entertain. I was challenged to play, and this girl always accepts a challenge! Bring it on…

My answers will be in italiacssssssssssssss

Would you rather be given $5,000, no questions asked or lose 20 lbs with the guarantee of never gaining it back?

Not that I really think I need to lose 20 lbs (I’m happy and I work hard for it), but it’s the never gaining it back part that I truly enjoy. Forever skinny? Who wouldn’t want that?

Would you rather be poor and work in a job you absolutely love or be rich and work in a job you hate going to?

Can I go with rich and no job? No? Okay…then I guess I’d pick poor and happy. If you’re going to spend around 1/3 of your week somewhere you might as well like it.

Would you rather have your flight delayed by 8 hours or lose your luggage, only finding it after your trip is over?

Lose my luggage…it’s a perfect excuse to shop 🙂

Would you rather go without Internet or car for a month?

Car. Time to get on that bike!

Would you rather be a member of the cast of Friends or Sex and the City?

Sex and the City. Hands down. Hello New York!

Would you rather date someone 20 years older or 10 years younger?

Seeing as I’m 26, that would be creepy to date a 16 year old boy (and illegal). Hubs is older, I’m going to the 20!

Would you rather always have to say anything that comes to your mind or never be able to speak?

Never be able to speak. Words hurt…unfiltered words REALLY hurt.

Would you rather marry Kris Humphries or Scott Disick?

I just threw up a little. Ugh, who came up with this? Is that you, Kris Jenner? I guess I’d pick Kris over Scott. I would probably get into a physical altercation with Scott, and I’d win, then he’d chop me up in little pieces and make shoes out of me or something. That man is ca-ray-zee.

Would you rather skip Christmas or your birthday?

My birthday. They’re not that fun anymore. After all, you can’t top a proposal. Jesus’ birthday is MUCH more important and I get to spend it with family. That was an easy one!


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